Employment Training


Employment training helps SAS Participants discern which career they are suited to and wish to pursue, by rotating through several employment environments. Many Participants report that they “cannot wait” to graduate from the EXIT Life-Skills Classroom but that when the big day comes there is great fear as to whether they will make it outside the supported classroom environment. Job Shadowing fosters the increased confidence needed to be successful in the work-world. Here, the trainee has a relationship with the staff and consequently expectations remain as high as they ever were in the EXIT Classroom as far as attitude, punctuality, attendance and problem solving.

A six-month paid employment contract is available to those who complete Job Shadowing and request a work experience contract. The aim of the SAS work experience contract is to equip trainees with the confidence, skills and attitudes that will see them secure external employment or entrance into the related educational program. A realistic yet safe business environment ensures trainees know that their contribution is important and has an effect on an actual company’s profitability and staff-team productivity. These work experience contracts have led trainees to successful employment and education plans and experiences beyond SAS, a testament to the importance of the training aspects of the SAS Program.