Our Impact


By addressing the immediate needs of women seeking to exit sexual exploitation, SAS creates meaningful outcomes for these women, their children, and the service system overall. These outcomes are also socially valuable within the greater community and from the perspective of the Participants in the program. Social value is created for government systems through decreased justice system costs associated with prostitution, drugs and violence (including homicide), decreased health care costs for marginalized and extremely high-risk individuals, decreased involvement of Children’s Services and improved health and wellbeing of children. Further, value is created in the community by both decreasing risk of crime related to drugs and poverty and by decreasing transmission of disease (STIs). To the Participants there is significant social value in experiencing less violence, increased safety, and decreased marginalization, stigmatization, and social isolation.

The SROI ratio indicates that in the course of three years, the overall social value of investment in the SAFE program is $8.57 for every dollar invested. This is the result of three years of value creation, with year one seeing $9.03 in social value created, year two seeing $6.81, and year three seeing $9.88. In this way, addressing the immediate needs of women seeking to leave the sex trade and supporting these women in transitioning into the programming at SAS creates not only meaningful and important change in the lives of these women but also a significant amount of social value within the community.

2015 Annual Report